The outcoders.

Our team is made up of people passionate about technology.

Pedro Rubio
Co founder & CEO

More than 15 years of experience in the Software Industry. Focused on adding value to customers and products with teams made up of the best professionals. He loves video games and travelling.

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David Plaza
Co founder & COO

Life lover, he lives and breathes what he does. Passionate about creating software and playing golf. At the same time? You'll have to ask him.

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Nicolás Kruk
Software Developer

Synapse creation junkie. He rejoices in conquering ever increasing layers of complexity to turn them into approachable and enticing pieces of knowledge. Science follower & huge Philosophy buff. When he's not reading or honing his programming skills he's enjoying some jazz record and a craft beer.

Leonardo Bruno
QA Automation

Nature and football lover. He is perfectionist and structured with his job. He likes to ensure quality of the delivered product.